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'Have loved playing Scottish Quest and my English husband was delighted to receive English Quest – although I still won. Fantastic game – we have had hours of fun with it already!'
Lisa, London

'What a wonderful game – beautifully packaged and great fun. Even after a couple of plays the whole family has learnt so much..'
Andrew, Manchester

'The whole family played English Quest last night for the first time and my daughter Flora (aged 10) thought it hysterical seeing Granny finally reaching the north for a 'T' only to be sent back for a Cornish pastie, and then losing all her money the next go. She almost fell off her chair!'
Tom, Edinburgh

'I have today received 'English Quest'. Thank you so very much for taking the time and trouble for such a small order. It is impressive that in today's busy world of commerce the personal touch still exists. We intend to play this game with all our friends over the festive season. I truly think this will be the ' must have' game for next year.'
Maureen, Chislehurts

'English Quest arrived today. Thank you for all your help. I am really impressed with your service, I really did not expect to receive it so quick.'
Sue, Peterborough

'We really enjoyed playing English Quest over the Christmas holidays and it stretched some family and friends who thought it would be an easy game to play! It was fun. Thank you for sending the game so quickly.'

'Just to say my children (and I) are really enjoying English Quest and learning lots! Thank you for your assistance in getting it to me well in time for Christmas!'

'My sister was pestering me for ideas on presents as she was at a loss. I decided to look at some games - family in mind - and came across English Quest. The concept appealed to me especially as subject matter related to England. Problem solved. Game received, let's play - oh no, instructions to read and digest. No problem, after a few minutes we were all able to understand how to play and got started. GREAT! Without going into too much detail the idea of multiple choice answers, colour coding, amusing 'Jester' cards etc. made sure that anybody, at any age, had a good chance of winning. This made the experience of playing enjoyable to all. Let's just say that it may be a board game but, you will certainly not get bored playing it. (Wish I had thought of it!'
David, Worcestershire

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